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People who are not quite popular, nonetheless witty, funny, appreciable and psychologically fat.
Je l'apprécie Grégoire. C't'un vrai tas. (I appreciate Gregory. He's a genuine tas.)
by Edgar Pruviance May 26, 2009
Toxic Anger Syndrome

individuals who struggle with anger management problems, otherwise known as Toxic Anger Syndrome
Bob: I dont have a damn anger problem I hate people who cut me off!

Bob: I want that guy to pull over so that I can punch him in the face!

Roger:Man I think you have a anger problem

Roger: they call it "TAS" Toxic Anger Syndrome
by Steveo In OC November 15, 2010
taking a shit
brb tas
by willRthatone July 14, 2009
acronym for "that's a shame"
The phrase/ acronym "TAS" could be used in a variety of arenas.

Expression of anger/temper: "Fuckballs, I just sprayed gas all over my new Ralph Lauren pleated waterproof chinos, TAS!"

Declaration of indifference:
Person A: Dominique has only 1 testicle, I heard it looked really weird.
Person B: I heard he had testicular cancer.
Person A: TAS.

and finally..
Expression of sarcasm:
Person A: I got 2 hours of sleep last nite. Me and Terry were listening to Springsteen Live 1985 while mixing meth.
Person B: TAS.

by David G. Cook April 17, 2008
Thigh Attraction Syndrom- a medical condition in women where ones thighs are just too sexy, causing objects such as pants or men to be attracted to them and stick to them.
guy: wow kalene, your pants are really tight
Kalene: thats just my TAS, my thighs are just so sexy that my pants cant get enough of them
Guy: wow, cool, that totally makes sense
by FRAZ1337 August 27, 2008
1. to take a shit
2. shit
synonym: drop the bomb
1. man i just tassed all over my sheets - derek
2. holy h4x! omf tas! kthxbi - akira
by john doe September 29, 2003
to have smoke weed after engaging in a sexual act. Toke After Sex.
Hey that sex was great, lets tas!
by doooooooooood April 28, 2009