taking a shit
brb tas
by willRthatone July 14, 2009
The Animated Series. Such as Anime, The Simpsons, Family Guy ect.
Person #1. My ex got me Star Trek Episodes for Christmas
Person #2. TAS?
Person #1. No, the Live Action ones.
by Xelleron January 08, 2008

People who are not quite popular, nonetheless witty, funny, appreciable and psychologically fat.
Je l'apprécie Grégoire. C't'un vrai tas. (I appreciate Gregory. He's a genuine tas.)
by Edgar Pruviance May 26, 2009
acronym for "that's a shame"
The phrase/ acronym "TAS" could be used in a variety of arenas.

Expression of anger/temper: "Fuckballs, I just sprayed gas all over my new Ralph Lauren pleated waterproof chinos, TAS!"

Declaration of indifference:
Person A: Dominique has only 1 testicle, I heard it looked really weird.
Person B: I heard he had testicular cancer.
Person A: TAS.

and finally..
Expression of sarcasm:
Person A: I got 2 hours of sleep last nite. Me and Terry were listening to Springsteen Live 1985 while mixing meth.
Person B: TAS.

by David G. Cook April 17, 2008
1. to take a shit
2. shit
synonym: drop the bomb
1. man i just tassed all over my sheets - derek
2. holy h4x! omf tas! kthxbi - akira
by john doe September 29, 2003
to have smoke weed after engaging in a sexual act. Toke After Sex.
Hey that sex was great, lets tas!
by doooooooooood April 28, 2009
Thigh Attraction Syndrom- a medical condition in women where ones thighs are just too sexy, causing objects such as pants or men to be attracted to them and stick to them.
guy: wow kalene, your pants are really tight
Kalene: thats just my TAS, my thighs are just so sexy that my pants cant get enough of them
Guy: wow, cool, that totally makes sense
by FRAZ1337 August 27, 2008

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