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Referring to having sex with a female.

Comes from the party term, 'to tap a keg'.. where one inserts a tap into a keg and drinks what comes out. But the user is instead tapping an ass..
"Shittt, I'd tap that ass any day of the week."
by Adam M September 22, 2004
552 170
an expression used to indicate the desire to have sexual intercourse with a member of the human race.
"Yo Bill, look at Jenny... I'd like to tap that ass!"
by littany February 18, 2003
843 115
do it in the butt
id tap that ass all night long
by John Biehl December 10, 2003
197 540
a sexual move involving several steps:
(1) fuck a female in the ass
(2) ejaculate in her anal cavity
(3) insert a beer tap into her anus
(4) pump the beer tap
(5) place the nozzle over her open mouth
(6) fill her mouth with the cum/ass-juice concoction
(7) hold her nose and mouth shut until she swallows
Man, Sheena is looking good. I'd love to tap that ass.
by albert007 August 19, 2008
131 579