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Fast, intense masturbation usually occuring when nearing climax, also when extremly turned on by someone/something and urgency is required! masturbation
When i was round johnny's house i saw his hot mom getting changed through a gap in the door, nobody was about so i had to do some chronic bishop rage to avoid being caught!
by Richard.c May 15, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with a female, gennerally in the 'doggystlye' position.
John; 'Hey mike, you took that girl home last night, did you tap that ass?'

Mike; 'Yeah i rocked that pussy!'
by Richard.c May 15, 2003
The perfect time for someone to iron thier face is the morning after excessive alcohol comsumption, when one isn't usually at thier best in the looks department.
Steve:"Did you see Jackie after that party last night"

Mike: "Yeah, she had a few too many, she's looked better."

Steve: "You damn right, she needs to iron her face!"
by Richard.C March 11, 2005

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