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1. to engage in sexual relations with another. comes from the root: tappimus datus assimus
refers to tapping a keg
Boy, I'd sure like to tap dat ass.
by fallacy October 30, 2001
1. The actions/words you just displayed are unbelievable!

2. You're not your normal self, Jim.
Why are you laughing so much? Are you on crack?
Stop vomitting... are you on crack?
by fallacy October 30, 2001
This means: a guy that is gay, a shorter way of saying "batty man."
Jay: Na im not gonna roll with that boy no more!
Jade: OH!! why not he's my mate
Jay: NAA you need to check your boy he's bats!!
Jade: SO!! whats wrong with that??
Jay: he puts his dick in that arse what's not wrong with it
by Fallacy May 12, 2005
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