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The term given to the situation where one has been accosted into performing un-useful or repeated analysis work, potentially resulting in an unnecessary or unfavourable change.
Mike: “Hey Bob, where did that stupid change come from?”
Bob: “Oh man, Jane and I got Tannered the other day, and before we knew it the change was in! Farkkkk!!!”
by Frank manfrenjensen July 25, 2011
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When one absolutely rails some one so hard in the pussy, they have to ask to stop. Typically when a white male fucks a African-American female.
"OMG dude, i just tannered this half black chick named Janiae"
by Tannerjones June 03, 2014
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Tanner(ed) (adv) Getting so drunk that you piss a gallon worth of piss all over yourself and your friends. Also being prone to not sleeping at night and getting dumb tatoos.
Jim: "Why is my back wet?" Jon: "Because Jake got tannered last night and pissed on you"
by SiggyTop January 10, 2014
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