Someone who can brighten your day when you believe the sun will not shine. He can make you laugh at stuff you never found funny. He has the cutest face, and his facial expressions make you want to smile even when your too tired to. Great musician, nice, and has a great heart, usually loses his way due to heartache, but will eventually find his way back, because a man that great can not go to waste.
Have you seen Tanner today?

Yes, that is why I am smiling!

by leaturrn December 13, 2010
Top Definition
An amazing, determined and genuine person who deserves all the best that the world has to offer.
You could never bicycle through the Great Smokey Mountains, man, only a tanner could do that.
by Cecile Johnson July 11, 2006
Fucks like a tiger. Ravenous sexual appetite. Everytime he comes he produces a quart. Makes every woman he sleeps with him sex slave forever.
Wow last night i had sex with a tanner. My room was soaked!
by Mr.Bo-jakels April 18, 2009
A Tanner is a man of great magnitude, comparable to the gods themselves. He never ceases to amazing those around him. If there was a book written about his life, it would be split into two sections; before you read his book and after, it’s that life changing. If that book were to go to audio tape, Morgan Freeman would be required to be the narrator. On a scale of one to ten, he is easily a certified twenty. P Diddy wakes up feeling like him. I assure you he is extremely better looking than Mick Jagger, yet he never gets kicked to the curb. Oh, and his moves are far more superior. He has to keep a fence around his house at all times, because no matter what he is making in the kitchen, people all around try to get in his yard, and trust me, it is better than yours. He has a ranch full of baby panda bears, ligers, and humpback whales that he is teaching to perform Hamlet. His intelligence surpasses that of Socrates, Einstein, and Steven Hawking combined. His writing is as elegant as Shakespeare, but as pleasing as Dr. Seuss. If given the choice between eternal happiness and a Krispy Kreme doughnut, he’d take the doughnut because it’s something he doesn’t already have. If his life were a movie, Spielberg, Bay, and Lucas would all direct it. He is often called Superman. Not because he is super humanly strong (though he is very strong) or can fly, but because Kryptonite is his only weakness. If there were one word to describe Tanner, it would be ‘Scrumtrulescent’.
No example will do Tanner justice.
by IhavemetGod December 07, 2011
The hottest, most awesome, sexiest man alive. Every women ever wants to fuck him, and there isn't a man on earth that doesn't want to be him. The End.
Britnei: Man, I wish Tanner was here so I could fuck him.
Stacy: Yeah, me too.
by 6969696969696969 January 10, 2009
A great wonderful person whom is caring lovable...and ladies
Wow i want a Tanner like that!

whoa he is so awesome and just a great lovable person with a great grl.
by undeadsoulja2323 February 04, 2010
A Tanner is something that works out well. When a situation seems bad, but somehow works out really well in the end, that's a tanner
"Dude, I thought that blind date was going to suck, but she was beautiful, and it was rad. The night was a total tanner.
by jimbojonestom October 22, 2007
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