an armored vehicle used in military warfare to gain advantage by the use of heavy machine guns and a cannon.
The tank rolled slowly through the streets of Berlin.
by Akuneko the Sly August 04, 2004
A very well known army vehicle. The tank saw its first action in the trenches of WWI. The Germans in WWII used their tanks effectively on all their fronts (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Balkans). The Germans used the tank to take over all of Europe, specially Erwin Rommel, who used his tanks wisely in North Africa. The Germans should be known as the fathers of tank warfare. After WWII, tank technology improved, with more armor, radar, and more firepower. The American Armies in Iraq used tanks to decimate columns of Iraqi armor and infantry. Today, tanks are still in army service, and the Russians also use them to crush civilian unrest. The tank is giant leap in ground warfare.
Tanks are versatile vehicles and they carry devastating firepower.
by your daddy June 30, 2003
A person who is well built physicaly, for example they have a fully sick body with 8% body fat, and is ripped to the max
"Toan from Broadmeadows is a TANK"
by toan December 11, 2003
A person who has a large build; this may be someone who is tall and has a wide build, they are also people who have an incredible stregth.
that man is a Tank, he has just pulled down a fully grown tree only using his bare hands
by Tank April 02, 2015
an object or person (usually large) that does amazing amounts of work. A small object or person can be a tank in special circumstances.
That goalie was a tank. You could not get the puck past him.
by eggrog33 May 05, 2009
a really cool, hot guy. especially someone strong or good at sports
what a tank
by eatmebabythefridge January 28, 2009
A person or object that can deal with emotional, physical, or mental issues and make a bad ass outcome.
Brad hangs out with Scott for a week

John: Brad is such a tank! I can't believe he's hanging out with the most annoying kid in school!
by CnLBurst July 28, 2011

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