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titties; comes from mis-pronounciation of tig ole bitties
that hoe got some tangos
by Myles Webster April 04, 2004
11 18
aka Target.

Used in the military to signify target has been located/confirmed
Echo Foxtrot to Uniform Zulu, Over
You are 5 by 5 Echo Foxtrot
Eyes on Tango.
Execute execute execute.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
568 123
A state of mind, aswell as a dance-style which is described as exotic and sensual.
I feel somewhat tango tonight.
by The Tangoman September 19, 2004
142 91
Argentina's capital city (Buenos Aires) typical dance...with the rose in the mouth
Los tangueros se reunieron en el arrabal, y bailaron tango hasta el amanecer
by Cecilia October 01, 2004
89 82
a gang of humans(usually white which pose a threat)
Hit the ground man we got tangos.
by p junior October 24, 2006
16 18
Is a joint rotation system.
While 2+ people are sharing a joint, one of the participants may call tango. In that case each one of the participants takes 2 hits and passes the joint to the next participant (clockwise for us old-fashioners).

Derived from the tango dance. Since it takes two to tango.
It's also thought to be the most efficent method to rotate a joint.
Let's make it friendly.. let's tango
by J.D.Z January 29, 2011
25 36
Sex on hardwood
- "So what dance class are you taking?"
- "My girlfriend persuaded me into doing tango with her, but i didn't need much persuading in the first place."
- "Why"
- "Dude! Tango is like, sex on the dance floor!"
by laduejen2012 September 27, 2007
47 65