a gang of humans(usually white which pose a threat)
Hit the ground man we got tangos.
by p junior October 24, 2006
Sex on hardwood
- "So what dance class are you taking?"
- "My girlfriend persuaded me into doing tango with her, but i didn't need much persuading in the first place."
- "Why"
- "Dude! Tango is like, sex on the dance floor!"
by laduejen2012 September 27, 2007
The state of being known as "Tango" comes from Ted Nugent's 1981 video for his song "Wango Tango".

There is a specific personality type that goes along with how Ted Nugent was in the video, which is "rough, tough, and cheesy".

So that's what Tango means: "Rough, tough, and cheesy".

If you're a cheeseball, and you are rough around the edges, guess what? You're tango!!!!!!!!

Tango is a disposition, like happy or sad.

You can be happy, moody, eccentric, clairvoyant , etc... and you can also be tango.

You know? Rough and cheesy.

Cheesy and sleazy.

You can't just say "we had so much fun last night, it was so tango".

But you *CAN* say "everyone there had a moustache, it was so tango".

You'll find a lot of tango people at monster truck rallies, Kid Rock concerts, or WWF events.
* Saying "Give 'er" is tango.

* Putting the pedal to the metal is tango.

* If you have a moustache, you are DEFINITELY tango.

* Chuck Norris is tango (rough, tough, and cheesy).

* If you refer to cowboy boots as "shitkickers", guess what? You're TANGO.

* Apehanger motorcycle handlebars are tango.

* Threatening someone with a shotgun is tango.

* Tucking your tight jeans into your hightop shoes such that the tounge sticks out, is tango.

* Anyone with a mullet is tango.

* Saying to someone, "YOU BETTER BREAK BREAD OR PLAY DEAD" is tango.

* Overly beefed-up car alarm systems (like the kind where you walk within 5 feet of the car and a sound goes off) are tango.

* Brass balls hanging from the back of an oversized pick-up truck are tango.

* Aviator sunglasses are tango.

* Being identified by the police by your tattoos is tango.

* Easyriders magazine is T-A-N-G-O.

* Putting a "Thin Lizzy" sticker on the back of your truck is tango.

* If you work for Ray's Welding (Where performance IS the product), you're tango.

* Giving the middle finger, and holding a cigarette in the same hand, is tango.

* Having to get a pardon so you can travel is tango.

* Pulling a tank into someone's driveway, sticking your head out and saying "You wanna put your money where your mouth is?" is tango.

* Saying "I have to piss like a race horse" is tango.

* Doing donuts in the parking lot after a concert is tango.

* Cutoff sweatpants are tango.

* Speeding on a motorcycle without a helmet is tango.

* "Magic Man" by Heart is T-A-N-G-O.

* Locking your beer up in a safe before you have a party is tango.

* If your name is Lenny and you live in a trailer, you're TANGO.

* Saying "this tastes like shit" is tango.
by Brent Heigold August 10, 2009
A ugly-ass ninja turtle who starred in I Love New York and after all that fighting to the end he was stupid enough to break up with New York at the reunion. He never wears his hat on straight, tilts his head 24/7, and when he argues he holds on the the crotch of his pants. Last but not least, he had a girlfriend named Sunny who looked like a crackhead.
"Tango, I want you to be my rock.. because you look like a rock, and you should be living under one, too, you damn ninja turtle."
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
A ninja turtle on I love New York
Tango looked like a fuckin Ninja Turtle Dontello
by Klondike Barry April 22, 2007
A drink brand, comes in lots of flavours, apple's my favorite...
You've been TANGOED!
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
Is a joint rotation system.
While 2+ people are sharing a joint, one of the participants may call tango. In that case each one of the participants takes 2 hits and passes the joint to the next participant (clockwise for us old-fashioners).

Derived from the tango dance. Since it takes two to tango.
It's also thought to be the most efficent method to rotate a joint.
Let's make it friendly.. let's tango
by J.D.Z January 29, 2011

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