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Russia is country spreading from western Europe to the east coast of Asia. It is the largest country in the world, and has proven to be a powerful force in history. The people have a unique pride and devotion to their country, and would give it all for their homeland.

Unlike popular American belief, the weather most in Russia is EXTREMELY nice. Yes it is cold in SIBERIA and the winter, but that's what winter is. In the summer, there is usually a good average of 70-85ºF.

Also, even though Russia is known for it's vodka, that doesn't mean all anyone ever does is sit aorund drinking till their brains melt. It is true Russians enjoy a good drink, expecially some strong stuff at a family party, but they are not alcoholics.

I find the American fetish with Russian hats and accents really funny. :) To be perfectly honest, the hats they show in the movies must be 50 years old, and the accents aren't what true Russian accents sound like.
Strashna ne smert, strashna nevola!
(Feared is not to be death, feared is to be unfreedom!)

- A Russian saying to live by :)

RUSSIAN PRIDE! (I just had to put that in, because I would DIE for Russia!)
by laduejen2012 April 05, 2007
Sex on hardwood
- "So what dance class are you taking?"
- "My girlfriend persuaded me into doing tango with her, but i didn't need much persuading in the first place."
- "Why"
- "Dude! Tango is like, sex on the dance floor!"
by laduejen2012 September 27, 2007

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