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Abbreviation of "charlie foxtrot tango", an expression familial to the military "charlie foxtrot", which is itself a phonetic abbreviation for "cluster fuck". "Charlie foxtrot tango" is the phonetic abbreviation for "cluster fuck trifecta". See also "clusterfuck trifecta"
"What a tango the Katrina response was."
by Steven Cranford December 04, 2007
8 30
A degoratory slur for someone with ginger hair, used to belittle my ginger housemate.
You fucking Tango! sort your hair out!
by Zack Daniels April 12, 2005
24 48
A terrorist of the masked variety, usually eastern european sporting AK-47's, heavy body armor, black ski masks and sometimes explosives such as grenades. The name is derived from the Rainbow Six games designed by Tom Clancy.
Chavez:"We have 6 Tangos inbound, take cover!"
Price: (After shooting one down)"Tango neutralized!"
by Andrew Dundas November 05, 2005
17 50
To tap an ass all night.
Me and Shaquanda tangoed all night.
by the one July 23, 2003
9 42
good: to pull a clutch.. to get a sick shot...

bad: ping bad, to get ript.. stuff like that
OH SHITTTT!!! you see that shot nigga, that was mad fuckn tango kid!!

yo.. this server is mad tango =(

i just got tangoeeeddddd !! wtf omfg bbQQQQQ
by sethiZZLE April 30, 2006
3 43