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7 definitions by bloodbanx.com

Slang for a day containing alot of green bud where you would just sit around taking bong hits, and hanging around.
Hey, yesterday we had a green day!
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
91 37
A clay-like substance used to stick things together, and be able to remove them again.
Often used for posters.
How did you stick your poster to the wall? I stuck it up with blu-tac!
by bloodbanx.com January 26, 2005
32 11
A album & song by Lostpropets, the album contains the songs:

We Still Kill The Old Way
To Hell We Ride
Last Train Home
Make A Move
Burn, Burn
I Don't Know
Hello Again
Goodbye Tonight
Start Something
A Million Miles
Last Summer
We Are Godzilla - You Are Japan

Very good album, made in 2004.
Hey, have you heard start something?
by bloodbanx.com January 26, 2005
22 7
This is a very relevent qoute from green day's nice guys finish last music video-
"Mention of there name conjures up images of sweat covered mosh pits, vomit stained stands, and very worried parents" - sums green day up.
by bloodbanx.com January 31, 2005
6 14
KW is short for Kilowatt, a kilowatt is equivelent to 1'000 watts.
WOW! This uses a whole kw!
by bloodbanx.com January 26, 2005
16 27
A punk-rock band originally known as 'Sweet children', this changed to green day in 1990.
The band has 3 members: Billie Joe Armstrong- Vocals & Guitar.
Mike Dirnt- Bass & Backing Vocals.
Tre Cool- Drums & Percussion.
Greenday has made 8 albums:
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours-1990.
American Idiot-2004.

Greenday just rock!
Greenday - simply the best modern punk rock has to offer!
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
24 35
A drink brand, comes in lots of flavours, apple's my favorite...
You've been TANGOED!
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
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