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A back hand slap to the balls. Anything open handed however is frowned upon.
'James is gonna get tanged bad.'
'Don't go giving me beef, otherwise you're gonna get tanged.'
by Ollie64 January 29, 2007
Tang is tang. There is no other way to define the word. All other definitions are wrong.
I tanged her up.
I gotta get me some of that tang.
by Tangman March 12, 2005
From Robby Ascue: pussy, vagina
I'm gonna get mass tang
by J September 13, 2004
Once, a friend tried to make sangria, but lacking the proper ingredients, suggested that the drink be prepared with the orange drink Tang. Shocked and dismayed, one of my friends said "oh, now that's tang!" as a reference to describe how tacky or poor the situation had become.
"oh, now that's tang!"
by twg June 20, 2004
Tang Juice... not the space aged orange flavoured drink.
Dave hurls at the smell of Tang Juice.
by MethMan December 19, 2003
The inability to pleasure a woman.
So I hear Dave only has sex once a week... he must have some issues with tang.
by MethMan December 23, 2003
The not good but not so bad smell that comes from a girls ass sometimes when you are doing her doggie style.
I bent Shirley over the table yesterday after we worked out and she had some serious tang!
by legion_oard July 10, 2008