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a word used to describe a couple that no longer have separate identities. synonyms include "marian", a larger scale (literally) example of this.
I was going to watch tv, but Marian had taken over the couch.
Marian can never go out because they are too busy with their casino careers.
by dish February 07, 2005
That gay guy who works at Mc Donalds that wears the chit stained black and white striped suit.
Hurry and hide your fat purple puffy azz Grimmase here comes the turd burgler.
by Dish February 03, 2004
Big Shit Brewing
Damn, I knew I shouldn't have eaten all of that KFC... Now I have a BSB!
by Dish February 03, 2004
What you do in Arkansas on Halloween.
Engaging in sexual intercourse with a close relative or family member. A.K.A pumping-kin. Pumpie must be at a minimum of a second cousin.
by Dish February 03, 2004
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