generic term for attractiveness, male or female.
My god check out that chick! TANG!

Hey matt, getting some tang are you?
by The Gimp's Sleeping July 11, 2008
A saltwater fish with razors on it's tail that eats algae
Yellow tang; purple tang; sailfin tang
by Ophidia May 22, 2004
short for poontang
"guys get false confidence when they start getting regular 'tang"
by Adam Corolla February 22, 2002
The most niggerest drink know to man and ape beside kool-aid
"yea nigga dis big ass bob marley spliff got my shit dry, word yo lets hit up some of dat tang nigga...OHH FO SHO"
a funny ass why to say pussy
what you thikin about zerias
by DyLaNbEaHm March 03, 2008
Tang is yet another word of the language nuggerish.

1. A girl.
2. A vagina.
3. Any sexual favor that a tang (girl) gives a guy, most commonly (but not necessarily) via her tang (vagina).
"Tell that tang to get over here and top me off with a couple gallons."

"Her tang was ainst good."

"Give me tang, po I be da likes."
by Zack Mooney January 04, 2006
Tang means great. Not to be overused, this special word means something is just the bomb. Saved for special occasions, this word can be used to describe something beyond fantastic.
That going away party was absolutely tang!
by Moi January 19, 2005

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