A kick in the glass (and now in a pouch)
Tang is such a fucking kick in the glass
by James b cuss January 15, 2004
1. tight

2. small or narrow
1. kossesh kheili tang bood

2. FUCKING CHESHM TANGS!! they waste the air by breathing
by sh82nak January 17, 2004
Pussy, therefore, lack of a gouch
If Dave had tang he'd have no gouch.
by MethMan December 18, 2003
Good quality weed.
Extended to also mean good quality weed which has a 'tangy' or slightly weird/harsh taste.
"That is some 'tang' weed you got there."
"That was a really 'tangy' bong that I just had. Is this shit 'tha tang', or what?"
by Diego July 18, 2003
from poontang this is used to express the quality of poon in an environment. lots of tang indicates high levels of attractive women, low levels of tang but high levels of poon is indicative of a lot of girls about, but mostly ugly.
there was lots of poon about last night in the club, but not much tang.

lots of tang can be found in the poon filled playboy mansion
by Pimp Lewis May 31, 2006
a) owned, b) had tang poured all over, c) anything with vague sexual context d) anything else
A) Man, you just got tanged!
B) Oh, you just tanged my pants!
C) Want to come back to my place for some.... tang?
D) Thats just tang.
by Scozz December 24, 2005
codename for asian, to be used especially if they are within earshot.
them tangs stop running in the hallways, knocking down anyone that dare be in their path
by durrel July 03, 2005

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