(verb) the act of messing up in a big way; failure; the name of a supposed curse spawned by gymnast Kevin Tan, whose failure was so massive it has allegedly begun to plague other athletes.
"OMG! Did you see that girl fall off the uneven bars? She tanned real bad. LOL!"
by just_becca August 18, 2008
(verb) to mess up or fail; a curse of failure infecting other athletes. Named for gymnast Kevin Tan due to his epic failure.
"I really want the US to win, so I hope that French athlete tans on the uneven bar."
by Cookie_Nut August 16, 2008
sexual activity involving dark pigmented individuals and light pigmented individuals
"she is about to give him his first proper tan"

"he's been tanning her for years "
by %#*#% May 12, 2006
T.A.N - Tough as Nails. A word used to describe anybody who is tough as nails. The following is a list of people who are considered to be tan. Chuck Norris, Keifer Sutherland, Regis Philtan, Jeff Lutes, Emilio Estevez, Anyone who struts and most of all... the original tanman.. darcy jones.
Darcy Jones is incredibly TAN when he enters a classroom.
by Jason Lirette May 03, 2006
A verb pertaining to the act of lighting a spliff with overzealous enthusiasm. The noun refers to the distinctive scorch marks around the top of the spliff that has been exposed to heat.
Verb: ''Let's tan this zoot right now!''

Noun: ''Man, that thing's tanning like a bitch.''
by tommyboy314 January 15, 2009
TAN is an acronym for "Text A Nigga". Not a derogatory term, but a term of endearment used when trying to get in touch with a good friend or "nigga", if you will, sent via text or social network site of choice.
Jake: "What up?! Whatchu doin for NYE? TAN"
Isaac: "Word son! Let's go downtown! Glad you gotta hold of me nigga!"
by Sackbaker December 31, 2010
doin sumthin alot
im gonna go tan cod
tannin the beer tonight
by tannnnn January 27, 2010

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