The next level of being a douchebag, when someone tries to insert an opionon when its not asked for, attempts to force something, causes frustration and irritation, or is being obnoxious.
"God, can you believe he tried to have sex with her when she was on her period? What a douchebag"

"No,what a freaking tampon"
by Ryan Cummins November 15, 2007
A stick with a string that allows a girl to wear light colors while flowing.
Man this tampon is sure great on labor day.
by ham May 09, 2003
a bullette shaped peice of cotton that the femal species insert into their vaginal opening to absorb the blood but if a tampon is inserting the wrong way it can cause severe discomfort ( the feminine "time" iten that ladies most fear but actually when inserted correctly causes not pain at all and are quite comfortable)
She insterted a tampon
by GWPIIII April 21, 2004
A bulletshaped device to absorbe menstrual fluids during menstruation.
Once used,a very wanted product for my dear uncle D.R.Acula
Best human invention ever,and the string comes out so handy. he says.
cup of tampontea my dear chap? he uses to say to me.
by Stolle September 03, 2006
the thing a girl "inserts" when she has her period. has to be changed every 4 to 8 hours to prevent the growing of bactiria which can be fatal. (also see pad)if not inserted far enough it can be uncomfortable.
i have to go to the bathroom to cange my tampon, cause its uncomfortable to sit and feel like i have an erection.
by aissjdo May 03, 2007
A cruel reminder that Mother Nature is real and will curse a girl at the most inconvient times. It can humorlessly be purchased by a male victim.
"Oh, god!" She cursed at her unfortunate discovery, "I need a tampon! Quick! I have a date with my blind date soon!"
by Mother Nature and her victim January 02, 2010
the rolled-up piece of cotton with the string hanging out to absorb the profuse bleeding from one's aching groin-hole
on the birthday card i gave to my brother:

"I hope that the rolled-up piece of cotton with the string hanging out to absorb the profuse bleeding from your aching groin-hole.... never has to exist.... Happy Birthday!"
by Kitteh April 28, 2005

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