the ultimate fun sponge
M: Honey lets have sex

F: We can't this week i'm on the rag

M: Fart!! tampons are the ultimate fun sponge
by Alfred Pennyworth 2 April 13, 2008
a cotton tube attached to a string (for an easy way to remove it) for preventing any leakage during a womans menstral period . When a tampon is inserted, it merely soaks up any fluid and stops it from coming outside of the body, creating that 'fish' smell.
Sarah: "Do you use tampons or pads?"

Danielle: "Tampons... I hate smelling fishy."
by R34LLYrayn May 09, 2012
Nickname given to reservist in the military for bleeding only once a month.
That guy cant cut it in active duty, thats why hes a tampon
by tito3531 January 04, 2011
someone who is up themselves (where do you put a tampon?)
overheard taxi driver on radio "just dropping a couple of tampons at the airport"
by mouseyhousey December 13, 2009
Another term for a lesbian, since they're both always in a girls vagina
Dude Shannon looks like such a tampon, "I know she's always in Melissa's vagina"
by ren mai zu May 01, 2010
Something that girls jam up their vagina when they get their period. IT can be VERY uncomfortable if inserted incorrectly. If left in long after the max time (8 hours), a life-threatening, possibly fatal infection may sometimes develop. There is a common virginity misconception about this. Only a PENIS (possibly a dildo) can make you lose your virginity.
Shannon! I'm on the rag, I need a tampon!
You'll get TSS, you silly girl!
Oh! Give me a pad. Good we have EDUCATION.
by HeartsGetBroken May 01, 2010
Noun. Racial slur against WHITE people.
A tampon is white and "stuck up", like many white people.
White girls are tampons.
by Marie ko September 26, 2010

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