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a tampon is a guy who "only gets stuck up bitches"
A: man justin is always getting harassed by his girlfriend, and it's the same with each one!
B: of course, he's a tampon.
A: a tampon, how so?
B: he only gets stuck up bitches.
by The New Jesus August 14, 2009
19 16
its placed up in a vagina
my vagina is so bleeding i am putting a tampon in it
by pray4mepl0x April 15, 2009
15 12
A Red Prius
Jim drives a tampon
by Kingofthenorth16 December 03, 2011
2 2

A tampon is either a clever ginger or vampire with an affinity for himself. At first a tampon will seem like a multidimensional and enticing human being. This is how they lure their victims in. Often the victim of a tampon only realizes that the tampon is indeed just a tampon after they are in too deep. There are 2 main give-aways of a tampon - The paleness and red hair. Their pale bodies are really just a white cotton stick and their "red hair" is really just a pile of bloody uteran lining. Often what we call string they think is something else.

Some one who looks like a used tampon, and smells like one as well.
Pertaining to being a tampon.

(i.e. That guy was so tampon)
Girl: That ginger boy was such a self absorbed phoney. Gr, it gets to me how he brags about breaking hearts - so young.

Girl 2: Seriously, don't worry, he is just a tampon.

Girl 3: WHAT A TAMPON HEAD!!! he smell so fish fish.
by cat.eggs.creep. October 21, 2011
4 4
A reservist in the military. They meet for duty once a month.
Ted: Did Daniel get kicked out of the Marines? Because he has a full beard now.

Bill: Oh, no he's a tampon, so he has to shave one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.
by Kelly Coptor October 14, 2010
6 6
Someone who gets in your way and stops you in the flow of life. Kind of like a cock blocker.
"Shit, stop being a tampon!" or " I cant stand it when you come in here and disrupt me when I am in the flow, stop being a tampon!"
by hold da applaz January 31, 2010
6 6
the ultimate fun sponge
M: Honey lets have sex

F: We can't this week i'm on the rag

M: Fart!! tampons are the ultimate fun sponge
by Alfred Pennyworth 2 April 13, 2008
17 17