The world's best fix for nose bleeds.
Look at that freak with the tampon! At least his nose isn't bleeding
by track_climb_hike_camp March 28, 2011
its placed up in a vagina
my vagina is so bleeding i am putting a tampon in it
by pray4mepl0x April 15, 2009
A Red Prius
Jim drives a tampon
by Kingofthenorth16 December 03, 2011
A reservist in the military. They meet for duty once a month.
Ted: Did Daniel get kicked out of the Marines? Because he has a full beard now.

Bill: Oh, no he's a tampon, so he has to shave one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.
by Kelly Coptor October 14, 2010
Someone who gets in your way and stops you in the flow of life. Kind of like a cock blocker.
"Shit, stop being a tampon!" or " I cant stand it when you come in here and disrupt me when I am in the flow, stop being a tampon!"
by hold da applaz January 31, 2010
A tampon is a feminine product people use when they are on their period. To insert you simply open up your legs and stick it up your vagina. It will absorb all of the period blood inside your privates and voila, you don't have to wear a diaper or a pad. Girls and women find these very helpful when they pms. It does the job without showing a 'bulge' or making it obvious you are wearing a pad. They are very discreet.
Tampons can be found in almost any grocery store/ pharmacy. Popular brands of tampons are kotex and tampax. Just make sure that it stays hidden beneath your clothing or bathing suit.
1. Guy: Hey girl, you got a loose string on your bikini bottom. Let me get it for you.
Girl: No you creep that's my tampon string!

2. Girl: Ugh, I have to wear sweatpants so my pad is not obvious!
Friend: No you don't. Here's a tampon, nobody will see it
by itsmeeeeeeeee May 09, 2014

A tampon is either a clever ginger or vampire with an affinity for himself. At first a tampon will seem like a multidimensional and enticing human being. This is how they lure their victims in. Often the victim of a tampon only realizes that the tampon is indeed just a tampon after they are in too deep. There are 2 main give-aways of a tampon - The paleness and red hair. Their pale bodies are really just a white cotton stick and their "red hair" is really just a pile of bloody uteran lining. Often what we call string they think is something else.

Some one who looks like a used tampon, and smells like one as well.
Pertaining to being a tampon.

(i.e. That guy was so tampon)
Girl: That ginger boy was such a self absorbed phoney. Gr, it gets to me how he brags about breaking hearts - so young.

Girl 2: Seriously, don't worry, he is just a tampon.

Girl 3: WHAT A TAMPON HEAD!!! he smell so fish fish.
by cat.eggs.creep. October 21, 2011

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