a tube shapped device that is shoved up your vajayjay. Expands when wet!
Why is my tampon in your nose?!
by woahweredidmydickgo? July 17, 2009
An insult in regards to a guy who has a rather small genitalia and tends to prematurely ejaculate after 2 to 5 minutes while penetrating
"-Dude, that chick I did yesterday laughed at me for having a small dick and shooting my load too fast!
-That's what you get for being a tampon..."
by Dismantled March 24, 2007
This is a cloth like item that is inside a plastic or cardboard aplicator that prevent leakage of blood outside the women's vagina.!
Playtex Tampons are the best to use!

Im bleeding,do u have any tampons with you?
by Sammmmi! x3 x ] May 11, 2009
A person From Tampa
Omar is not a Tampon.
All tampons are wack.
by Tito2holla July 10, 2008
You put them in your nose to stop the bleeding
Guy one: My nose is bleeding
Girl 1:*gives tampon*
Guy one: uhh
Girl 1: youll need it
by alessmax May 16, 2011
Something my little brother tried to stick up his asshole.
Me: No, Tommy, don't shove that tampon up your ass!
Tommy: Too wate oldie brothie...
by Misogyny April 23, 2011
The world's best fix for nose bleeds.
Look at that freak with the tampon! At least his nose isn't bleeding
by track_climb_hike_camp March 28, 2011

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