A shorthand for "That Awkward Moment"
TAM when you realize what TAM means

TAM when the only thing you know on your test is the date and your name

TAM when you drop your cocaine in the snow

TAM when you’re waiting for the loser to finish at mario kart
by Joseph Mitteldorf January 11, 2012
Total Abel Move; to tell your friends one thing and do the complete opposite. To say you are going to hang out knowing that you are going to play video games while your tell your friends that your hanging out with fire ass chicks.
"Yo bro I am hanging out with fire ass chicks right now" (while you are playing video games by your self, TAM).

"Yeah I will meet you at tailgating" (but you told your friends you are working in PHX when they see you drive by them in the same town, TAM)

"Yo I am at work right now" (Then you are busted driving by a group of your friends on your way to your house, TAM)

"Yeah bro I got drums" (When you don't own drums at all, TAM)

"Yeah bro I am going sake bombing with fire ass chicks" (no such chicks are going soke bombing, TAM)
by AconcernedPDT November 19, 2011
Abbreviation for the phrase, "That Awkward Moment."
Commonly used when the moment is not actually awkward.
TAM when you realize that you haven't grown in a year and a half....
by awkwardmoments123456789 June 28, 2011
a euphemism for the word vagina, derived from the word tampon.

often used in a rhyming fashion, such as:

cram a tam, ram a tam, jam a tam, bam a tam, slam-a-tam-a-ding-dong
Harold: "Why are you in such a good mood?"
Mike: "Already know I'm gonna slam a tam tonight."


Jack: "Brendan complains about every little thing. What a whiny little bitch."
Steve: "Yeah, what a tam."
by sean3939 December 21, 2009
Someone who is a tiny little guy
Meera: Hey do you know Tam?

Deniz: Yea, he's such a tiny little shit.
by Esteban Bee September 22, 2009
An aging woman with a screetching voice like a Pterodactyl who constantly sports a Camel Toe.
Damn that girl is such a tam, she's so nasty!
by Shimstock August 13, 2011
Acronym for "total Arab move."

Used to describe an instance that is typical of an Arab or falls under basic Arab stereotypes.
She was playing the song 'Arab money' while doing homework, TAM
by SooSoo91 January 03, 2011
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