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The coolest kid in the bunch . Ladies love him . He will one day be successful and everyone will realize how good he is. His girlfriend will be so lucky to have him . All around the greatest.
Colvin is a beast
by GC Bruh September 07, 2012
1. colvin: v. tr. The act of forcing another to engage in sexual intercourse against his or her will esp. involving an individual holding the door so that bitch's friends can't help her stupid drunk ass.
Etymology: (New English) Originated on the west coast of the United States at sometime during the beginning of the 21st Century, particularly Saturday night at Shelsey's house.
Linguistical expression prevalent in HMB, bitches.
Person 1: Who colvined that silly bitch Katherine last night?
Person 2: Oh that was Pat.
by Pat Colvin August 07, 2006
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