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A less obscene way of saying, "fuck that". An expression of laziness and lack of enthusiasm/interest to do what is asked.
"Stop lazing about and do some god damn work!"

"...Balls to that."
by Dedguy August 01, 2009
The coffee mug (for pens). The first mug made specifically to cart, carry and caddy pens. Small pens, large pens, markers, the Mug of Pens carries it all! (Not intended for use with pencils.)
Turns a messy workplace into a Mugtastic Pentabulum.
Is made of poison.
Boss: "If I don't sign this contract in the next five minutes, this company's doomed! Get me a pen Hastings!"
(Hastings desperately searches for a pen, to no avail.)
Boss: "I'm so angry, I could rape somebody."

Hastings: "If only I'd had Mug of Pens..."
by Dedguy August 01, 2009
Those Aren't Muskets!, and internet sketch comedy group, consisting of Michael Swaim, Abe Epperson, Brett Rader, Brian Kelly, Ryan Ricketts, and Lara Pickle. The name comes from a line from Star Trek.
"I don't... that's... what?"
"Those aren't muskets!
"Oh... of course..."
by Dedguy August 01, 2009

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