Tam- Is a Acronym for (Totally Awesome Man)
Rose that's TAM <3 :)
by Eggzorcist March 09, 2014
There's always tomorrow, son.

A response to Yolo when you absolutely don't give a fuck about going somewhere or doing something.
A: DOOD! Tahoe tomorrow? LETS GO!
B: I don't know...

B: TAMS buddy.
by HyphenEdison January 19, 2012
short for tamod -justine recinto
nakita nila eunice, patra, at justine kung pano iniinom ni chanel ang tam
by 3841eunipatpoodal October 16, 2011
1.) a word that means someone who is an over achiever.

2.) a word that can be put in the middle of any sentence .

3.) Someone who mumbles really loud but says nothing
I got an A++ on my bio exam. Oh so you Tamed it out!!!!

I just got a Tam good day.

I wannbanbbnanbennek mmmdmddmdmdaamamam
by patty la April 08, 2010
v.- an uncontrollable outburst of anger involving threats of bodily harm and excessive use of profanity resulting in possible death. Word origin: Asia
Tim Dim tammed out after a co-worker rearranged the office supplies.
by Red Army March 03, 2010
a euphemism for the word vagina, derived from the word tampon.

often used in a rhyming fashion, such as:

cram a tam, ram a tam, jam a tam, bam a tam, slam-a-tam-a-ding-dong
Harold: "Why are you in such a good mood?"
Mike: "Already know I'm gonna slam a tam tonight."


Jack: "Brendan complains about every little thing. What a whiny little bitch."
Steve: "Yeah, what a tam."
by sean3939 December 21, 2009
Someone who is a tiny little guy
Meera: Hey do you know Tam?

Deniz: Yea, he's such a tiny little shit.
by Esteban Bee September 22, 2009

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