short for tamod -justine recinto
nakita nila eunice, patra, at justine kung pano iniinom ni chanel ang tam
by 3841eunipatpoodal October 16, 2011
1.) a word that means someone who is an over achiever.

2.) a word that can be put in the middle of any sentence .

3.) Someone who mumbles really loud but says nothing
I got an A++ on my bio exam. Oh so you Tamed it out!!!!

I just got a Tam good day.

I wannbanbbnanbennek mmmdmddmdmdaamamam
by patty la April 08, 2010
v.- an uncontrollable outburst of anger involving threats of bodily harm and excessive use of profanity resulting in possible death. Word origin: Asia
Tim Dim tammed out after a co-worker rearranged the office supplies.
by Red Army March 03, 2010
Being good at COD4, based on his/her ethnicity
Justin was so Tam last night when we played Serch and Distroy. He had 13 kills and no deaths
by JK Laz September 03, 2009
A shorthand for "That Awkward Moment"
TAM when you realize what TAM means

TAM when the only thing you know on your test is the date and your name

TAM when you drop your cocaine in the snow

TAM when you’re waiting for the loser to finish at mario kart
by Joseph Mitteldorf January 11, 2012
Abbreviation for the phrase, "That Awkward Moment."
Commonly used when the moment is not actually awkward.
TAM when you realize that you haven't grown in a year and a half....
by awkwardmoments123456789 June 28, 2011
Acronym for "total Arab move."

Used to describe an instance that is typical of an Arab or falls under basic Arab stereotypes.
She was playing the song 'Arab money' while doing homework, TAM
by SooSoo91 January 03, 2011

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