Those Aren't Muskets!, and internet sketch comedy group, consisting of Michael Swaim, Abe Epperson, Brett Rader, Brian Kelly, Ryan Ricketts, and Lara Pickle. The name comes from a line from Star Trek.
"I don't... that's... what?"
"Those aren't muskets!
"Oh... of course..."
#tam! #those aren't muskets! #sketch comedy #muskets #michael swaim
by Dedguy August 01, 2009
That Awkward Momemt
TAM when you realize you were wrong
by Bombinawesome58 November 27, 2015
The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is a residential program for high school-aged Texas students who are high achievers and interested in mathematics and science. There are no highschool courses taught. Everyone lives in McConnell Hall. The hall has two common rooms, a kitchenette, and rooms. Besides serving as a study area during quiet hours, the Smitty serves as a public room, featuring a ping-pong table, pool table, and a useless foosball table. TAMS has a number of student activities and events, ranging from clubs like Mu Alpha Theta and Junior Engineering Technical Society to performance groups like Academy Players and Dull Roar. Students may also participate in events such as proms, school dances, coffee houses, and an annual talent show. Students at TAMS are encouraged to take the opportunity of conducting research under the guidance of a professor either on or off-campus during the school year as well as the summer. The TAMS Summer Research Scholarship is offered to about 60 students per year to fund these research pursuits. There are also Most Awesome Girlfriend and Boyfriend awards which are awarded to students yearly, the most recent winner for the Boyfriend award was not awarded due to discrepancies in the poll, though Kevin was close, and Sydney won the Girlfriend award. TAMS students are subject to a set of rules, including a curfew, as set by the administration, subject to review by the student-run Judicial Board or the school's administration.
I was at TAMS the other day! They had some pretty interesting people who all played RUA!- random UNT student
#robot unicorn attack #unt #ti-84 #tams #students
by Draco Konban December 05, 2010
Tam is a whore
#one #two #three #fire #gjig
by mibby123 June 13, 2015
A prison for smart kids in Denton, TX.
Fuck TAMS.
#texas academyof mathandscience #tams #unt #prison #texas academy of mo sleep
by TAMSTER111 January 11, 2014
TAM is short for "Typical Andy Move". This is used when someone does something considered annoying or inconsiderate, or otherwise dick-ish. Most of the time it is used to describe actions performed by Andy.

In rare situations, one can use "TAM" to describe an action of another friend when they act like Andy.
"Wow Andy just made us wait for 15 minutes outside his house, T.A.M."
"Andy just started another game of dota when he said he would play with us, what a TAM."
"Andy just vetoed my fantasy trade for no reason.... TAM."
"Wow why did Andy make me read this terrible manga? TAM."
"Andy made me book a ticket to New Orleans and then he canceled to go hang out with his other friends. Man what a TAM."
"Chris was being such a dick today, it was almost a TAM."
#typical andy move #tam #fag #bitch #get fucked
by That Andy September 05, 2014
An acronym for Totally Awkward Moment
Marilyn: "Oh my god some random guy came up to me and used the shittiest pick-up line I've ever heard! I didn't know what to do! I just stood there!"

Nancy: "T.A.M."

Marilyn: "Tell me about it!!"
#awkward #totally #tam #moment #weird
by Rax1134 October 10, 2009
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