the perineum, the space between the anus and the genitals
Time: "Can Obama Escape the Taint of Blagojevich?"

Me: Oh, that is so wrong.
by kyrtap13 December 11, 2008
area between the back of the scrotum and the rectum
"Hey why is it called the Taint? " "Because it aint your balls and it-aint your ass"
by Sam Michel February 24, 2008
The area between a man's testicles and his anus. Called so because "i'taint asshole and i'taint balls".
Used in a sentence: My man likes me to lick his taint.
by JetMechGirl May 26, 2006
the place where your ass and your balls ain't is your taint
my taint is getting hairy, i should wax it
by miles amodeo April 04, 2005
An American slang term for the human perineum.
"I decided that Yahoo could munch on my taint." (
by neptina March 24, 2005
The Area in-between your vagina and your ass.

Bailey's taint has an excessive amount of hair spreading outward to her ass cheeks.
by Jessica VonSchroeder January 24, 2007
Otherwise known as the gooch, grundle or chode, the taint is the region of the human perineum known as the perineal body. It is anatomically situated between the anus and the external genitalia (testicles in men and the vulva in women). This region is supplied by the pudendal nerve (also gives dorsal nerve of the penis or clitoris) which is the reason why this area yeilds pleasurable sensation when stimulated.
I can't wait until national shave your taint day.
by msample February 21, 2006

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