1. The area between a males scrotum and anus that prevent the man from shitting ho his balls.
2. Tyler "Taint" Baker inter/show monkey of the Lex and Terry Morning Radio Network.
I just Got kicked in the fuckin' taint!
by jperea September 24, 2006
The area between the ass and the scrotum. It is called "Taint" because it Taint your ass and it Taint your nuts!
His taint was mildly sore from the chaffing of his dance belt.
by Don C May 27, 2005
the perineum, the space between the anus and the genitals
Time: "Can Obama Escape the Taint of Blagojevich?"

Me: Oh, that is so wrong.
by kyrtap13 December 11, 2008
its that lil flap of skin between your balls and ass, or your pussy and ass everyone has one
It taint ass and it taint pussy
anyone have some vagisil for my taint
by supalude August 29, 2005
the area betwixt one's genitalia and one's rectum.

So called because: It taint the pussy and taint the ass!
She was so vain that she insisted on keeping her taint well-buffed and moisturized.
by Happy F. Birthday Fairy August 14, 2006
The area between a man's testicles and his anus. Called so because "i'taint asshole and i'taint balls".
Used in a sentence: My man likes me to lick his taint.
by JetMechGirl May 26, 2006
Female Anatomy -- Taint the front door, Taint the back door.
That taint where she likes it.
by Rick O. April 05, 2008

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