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"T'aint" The space between a womans anus and vagina

"t'aint pussy and t'aint asshole"
If it weren't for her having a t'aint, she be one big hole..
by Man & Rose December 29, 2002
346 194
the spot between the pussy and the asshole
taint the pussy taint the ass
by rhd April 01, 2006
430 278
The region of skin between the genitals and the anus; often accompanied by dingleberries.
Although he can't yet grow any facial hair, Mike can still grow a two-foot Santa beard off his taint.
by ???????????????????????? October 12, 2007
241 96
Taint is the spot between your ass and whatever genetalia you have. it's the perenium, but it's often called the taint. the reason for that is "t'aint your cooter, t'aint your pooter, that's why we call it taint." or "t'aint your bottom, t'aint your scrotum (scraw-tum), that's why we call it taint."
Bettie: Bob, your mustache is tickling me down there, you know, in my perenium!
Bob: Well, technically it's called the perenium, but I like to call it your "taint".
by millertime73 July 13, 2006
323 179
Female Anatomy -- Taint the front door, Taint the back door.
That taint where she likes it.
by Rick O. April 05, 2008
377 241
The area of skin between the vagina and asshole. Derived from "It taint the pussy and it taint the asshole."
Lick my taint, it gets me off.
by Tommy K. June 11, 2005
254 118
An American slang term for the human perineum.
"I decided that Yahoo could munch on my taint." (www.maddox.xmission.com)
by neptina March 24, 2005
380 245