The flesh between one's genitalia and anus.
Taint pink and taint stink.
by Steve Savoy November 03, 2005
The spot between the balls and the butthole. A lot of people know this to be called the "gooch". This area stops your poo from hitting your goods when it drops out.
Man if it wasn't for my taint, my sac would be covered in some dry-ass shit!

Can I paint your taint?

She licked my taint. Am I still a virgin?
by J G-Unit February 08, 2009
the area between your ball sack and your asshole.
i like to rub my taint..
by harvizzle April 01, 2008
The fleshy fun-bridge between the balls and asshole. Pressure to this area during sexual foreplay may elicit a more powerful orgasm.
"Jill pressed on my taint while giving me head and I came like Old Faithful"
by Chrissy0913 December 04, 2005
1. (Cunt + Ass)/2=Taint

2. (Ball Bag+Poop Shoot)/2=Taint

3. the perineum
1. "My taint hurts"

2. Mid-range, between your sack and hole is your taint

3. the medical term
by Charlie Manuel July 13, 2009
The word that can be used for 2 meanings:
- The runway on a male and female.
- An intence flavor.
"Wow look at that taint!"
"Damn, these candies are so taint!"
"That taint is very taint!"
by Breadedchicken January 13, 2009
Where Jesus left his stitch marks
You hit me right in the taint.
by Robbie H. April 13, 2006

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