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The word that can be used for 2 meanings:
- The runway on a male and female.
- An intence flavor.
"Wow look at that taint!"
"Damn, these candies are so taint!"
"That taint is very taint!"
by Breadedchicken January 13, 2009
Where Jesus left his stitch marks
You hit me right in the taint.
by Robbie H. April 13, 2006
The hang-out space between the front house and back house on the same property. Many things can happen in the taint...grilling, pictionary, beers, list-making, jams, dollar bills, and sunshine. Be cautious of lingering in the taint for too long, you might not be able to get out.
Awe man it's 75 degrees out, let's go chill in the taint.
by collegeAVE April 26, 2009
C S also known as asshole or dipshit, fag boy, ass face, cock sucker, poopy eater, masturbation queen andlady killer(literally, his breath is deadly) and his strongest muscle is his mouth because he works it out every night frrom 9 to 5
as;ljk ajkl;sfka jasl;j taint a;lkhjg
by voom October 25, 2007
The area between a womans pussy and her asshole
I was trying to bang this gal and i slid into her off of her taint. "Taint the pussy and Taint the asshole
by muddy4x4mn March 25, 2005
the area between your penis and your testicles
Cory enjoys licking David's taint during computers class.
Cory is a taint licker.
David's taint is moist from Cory tossing his salad.
by billy hamilton November 16, 2006
An alcoholic drink consisting of cheap vodka, lemonade, sprite, and a dash of cherry coke.
Lets go down to the BC and make a wet taint.
by Meredith Hall March 21, 2006