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Serves as the jailbait for Korean boy-group SHINee. Also is the role of lead dancer. Recently improved his singing skills insanely. Looks like a girl when he has longer hair.
Non k-pop fan: Who's that beautiful girl dancing with those three other boys and Key?
Shawol: Oh, HIM? That's Taemin.
by aly4818 November 08, 2010
583 75
Taemin is a genius. He is the epitome of perfection when it comes to music, academics, sports, and extra curricular activities.
Oh man, I wish I were a Taemin so Harvard would be my safety school.
by zalakazam December 05, 2004
407 138
Taemin is a first name. Preferably for a male / boy / man. It is not a known name and usually given to offspring of very creative parents. There are many origins of this unique name. One of them deriving from a genius young lady, Molly, in California. Taemin males are intelligent, athletic, curious, creative, handsome, and witty to no extent. They are unequaled and will eventually rule the world.

Taemin is NOT a name for a female.

Your name is Taemin? Wow. Such an original name!

Watch out! Here comes Taemin.

by Molly Kathleen January 06, 2008
204 78