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Maknae is a commong Korean term used by older people, generally young adults, to refer to the youngest in a group. Usually a group of friends. It's often used as a title in place of their name.
"SeungRi is the maknae. Everyone is at least a year older than him!"

"Maknae, come here for a second."
by westbrookx December 25, 2008
The youngest members of bands or groups in Korea.

Pronounced - Ma-nae (silent K)

They are cute and sometimes shy and quiet. Other times they are loud and proud and attention seeking.

The rest of their group looks after them since they are the youngest and therefore the baby of the group.

Maknae's are very popular and fans love to grab at them because they are easy targets to capture and kidnap.

Examples of Maknae's are

Teen Top's Changjo
Beat's Dongwoon
Big Bang's Seungri.
Person one: awwww look at the little one dancing in the background, he's so cute
Person two: he must be a maknae, only maknae's can look that cute!

Person one: aww look at Teen Top's Maknae, Changjo! What happened to his wrist?!
Person two: crazy fans tried to steal him and keep him for themselves, he escaped and fell to the ground! But it's okay, Chunji yelled at the crazy fan.
by Cinderellen March 10, 2012
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