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The closest thing to perfection on earth.
Newbie:"Why are they so good at singing?!"
Fan: *scoffs* "Duh. It's DBSK."
by aly4818 August 18, 2009
Serves as the jailbait for Korean boy-group SHINee. Also is the role of lead dancer. Recently improved his singing skills insanely. Looks like a girl when he has longer hair.
Non k-pop fan: Who's that beautiful girl dancing with those three other boys and Key?
Shawol: Oh, HIM? That's Taemin.
by aly4818 November 08, 2010
The tallest member in popular Korean boy-group SHINee. Role in the group is the "rapper". Is known for his flaming charisma and huge doe, or alien, eyes. Also vaguely resembles a frog. Gets about 2 singing lines in SHINee songs even though everyone knows by now how well he can sing. All-in-all amazing person that deserves more love.
Non-kpop fan: What is that frog thing shooting fireballs from its UFO while rapping?
Shawol: Oh, that's just Minho.
by aly4818 November 08, 2010

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