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In poker, four jacks.
I was dealt pocket hooks. A hook came on the flop then I got the tacklebox on the river.
by KIDNIC* August 12, 2008
a sex strategy where a women bends down as in to take is doggy style and the man roughly 10 to 15 feet away takes a running start and tackles said women. the goal is to penetrate the women's vagina with his penis before you fall to the ground or hurt yourself. You have to TACKLE her BOX.
Sarah "How was your night last night Gina?"
Gina "It was okay until Frank tackle boxed me."
Sarah "Aw man!"
Gina "Yea, now my vagina is broken"
by Teaches of Peaches February 17, 2008
When a girl has many(more than 2) piercings in her hood, clit, labia, etc., her box then becomes a tackle box.
I went balls deep in that chick Stacy last night and my pubes got caught in that tackle box she calls a vag.
by Roccafella April 11, 2008
a casul, humorous reference to one's balls and weiner
i threw a soda at his tacklebox
by herbivor October 29, 2009
A vagina (box) with a strong fishy smell, just like a fishermans tacklebox. Often caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, or a simple lack of personal hygiene.
I went to go down on her, but fuck did I open up a tacklebox!
by Cyclo_ZX October 21, 2008
A female who knows how to lure a man (or woman) down to her goods, but the poor victim discovers it smells mighty fishy down there.
Chuck noticed how Anita had been crossing and uncrossing her legs all night. . . little did he know what he was in for with the briney depths of that tackle box.
by Urban Hawthorne August 07, 2010
The large posterior of an attractive woman.
Damn, that chick got a tackle box!
by JosephMother March 21, 2007
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