adj. A term used to describe when a woman looks small when sitting down, to the untrained eye. However when they sit up everything falls out, fat rolls, tits, and/or ass. Derives from the commonly used fisherman tool the tacklebox, a small box that unfolds when opened.
i.e. she looked cute sitting down, but when she sat up, I had to tell tacklebox to tuck her shit!
by c0rey May 19, 2008
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You know Screech from saved by the bell? Yeah, what a fucking tacklebox!
by Bikey August 17, 2007
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Your bow-zack. The definition being tackle and the container being a box. Tacklebox.
2 bucks, you kidding me? I got your two bucks for you right here *grabbing tacklebox*.
by D-Biscuits December 07, 2007
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