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An Hispanic senator from Texas who became the Left's new boogeyman in late 2013, since blaming Bush for current problems has since run its course.
"I bet Oblamer will have Jay Carney say that Ted Cruz is the one who put up the Barrycades everywhere, LOL! Maybe instead, Democrats should concentrate on fixing that insanely expensive debacle of a website,"
by psara November 07, 2013
Also known as "Lyin' Ted", "Ted Scruz", "El Rato Cruz", "Canadian Ted", "Rafael Cruz", "Zodiac Killer", "Booger-Eatin Ted", "cheaTED", "Rat", "Pandering Cruz", "Five-Mistress Ted".
Ted Cruz holds the Bible up high, puts it down, and then he lies!
by TheRealZodiac May 23, 2016
1.) A power-hungry dimwit who suffers under the smug delusion that becoming popular with a fringe movement loathed by the vast majority of Americans is going to land him in the Oval Office one day.

2.) Another way of saying the Dunning-Kruger effect. As in, "the Ted Cruz effect", whereby someone who is utterly incompetent is so profoundly detached from reality that they perceive themselves as being vastly more competent than they actually are, precisely because of how incompetent they are.
Ted Cruz: "Hi, I'm Ted Cruz! I'm running for president and I want to do away with Obamacare, the EPA, and basically all progress made over the last 60 years!"

Everyone else: "Wait... weren't you born in Canada?"

Ted Cruz: "Well... we'll let other people sort that out!"

Everyone else: "Uh... No, we won't. You're a Tea Tard dumbass who wants to become president, and you can't legally become president in any case. You will never, ever, sit in the Oval Office."

Ted Cruz: "Well I think that those Confederate flag-waving old white folks out there might say differently!"

Everyone else: "We're done here."
by Could_be_anyone October 17, 2013
Another name for the Zodiac Killer.
10 percent of Floridians believed Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer-- and they're right.
via giphy
by Bowmen_19 June 02, 2016
The Zodia killer.... Who else?
Search "Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer ". Its gotta be him
by SmartAss69GiggityGiggity May 25, 2016
Also referred to as zodiac killer is a Mexian Senator from Texas who running for US president, that is also responsible for a string of murders in Northern California during the late 60's
"Ted Cruz is speaking at my school Today, I'm going to ask him why he killed between 30-45 people in the 60's "
by TheIllusionist June 06, 2016
The Zodiac Killer
Michael: Hey so did you see Ted Cruz in the polls?
John: What? Do you mean the Zodiac Killer?
by MackMurphy May 11, 2016
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