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Second Person Plural.
A grammatical necessity which is sadly lacking in the English Language.
French has "vous" (informal and formal)
and German has "ihr" (informal) and Sie (formal).

The southern USA version is "you all"
Youse are too many to all get into the one car.
by baligeko September 21, 2010
(Australian) Of Bogan origins.
Plural of You. Referring to a more that one person. The pinnacle of ignorant grammar.

Non-bogans think this term is hilarious, especially when used by a bogan or by another non-bogan imitating a bogan.

Bogans can't spell this word, known variations are: Yous, You's (the reason for apostrophe usage is yet to be discovered depite teams of scholars devoting their efforts)
"what're youse guys doin' youse wanna get some beers of somethink?"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
pronoun: south philly term refering to several people.
Youse guy know where I can get some tomato pie?
by David Lam March 07, 2003
Local dialect for 'mate' used in a greeting by those usually born and bred in Neston/ Little Neston (Cheshire) to a greater degree and Parkgate and Ness to a lesser degree - Largely in decline owing to the traditional 'born and bred' local populous being watered down by non-locals, particularly those from Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead and Liverpool and those entirely foreign to the area

Pronounced 'Use', rhyming with 'Juice' - Not be to confused with the Liverpool pronunciation 'Ewes' - Same word but different meaning

History - There are two historical theories behind the word;

1. Neston Colliery (Closed in 1927) - A particular Foreman at the colliery was said to have chose the men he wanted to work on a daily basis by pointing to each man and stating 'You Sir' - So it allegedly became somewhat of a joke and subsequent use of the two words combined was borne. NB. 'Youser' is one of two words (also 'owden) used to describe a true native of Neston or the surrounding areas

2. Deer Hunting - It is said that when deer hunting took place in Parkgate and the surrounding area, the working parties would greet the hunters/gentlemen with 'Good morning Sir' and were greeted back with 'And to you, Sir' or vice versa or possibly even just between the hunters/gentlemen. Again, the supposition in that the combination of the two words 'You, Sir' formed what is still used today
Youser 1 - 'Aw'reet youse?'

Youser 2 - 'Aye, aw'reet me old tait'
by The last Owdener August 15, 2013
An Australian collective noun describing a group of people. The word has a similiar meaning to "You Guys".
I'll see youse all later.
Love youse all.
What are youse doing tonight.
by masheee November 27, 2014
An aberration of the English language, exclusively invoked by know-it-all Western Suburbs Boganywogs
Youse are all wrong and I am right
by Juniper1981 February 25, 2015
Youse - (Sometimes pronounced "yiz") Northern New Jersey plurel of "You".
I, You, He, She, It
We, Youse, They

Example (actually heard from a deli counter person to a group of construction workers--this is a famous 4-youse example) "Youse are tellin' me youse are hungry, but youse aren't tellin' me what youse want." This is sometimes pronounced "Yiz"
by John Debold June 09, 2005
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