a form of claiming objects, possessions, or services that supersedes the term Dibs
I swoops shotgun
by hamburglar911 May 29, 2012
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A non-deragotory term used by people of all races genders and creeds
Swoop Swoop!
by AnonymousMale March 28, 2015
a girl that has had sex with a lot of dude
You know nene ?? yeah she smashed my whole crew , she the swoop .
by plutoATL October 07, 2012
The anal sweat that usually results from a long, strenuous workout. It smells like poop, but lacks the color and consistency.
After finishing the 10k, my undershorts were laden with swoop.
by eshizzle June 08, 2006
To pick up, or give ride.
Aye man, come swoop.
by Killa, Smizzle, & Nuzesko June 03, 2008
1. The utilization of a presented opportunity to it's full potential. A successful venture.
2. Operating at complete confidence/productivity/effectiveness. Applicable at parties, business, women, etc.

3. A positive exclamation signifying a clever or skillful maneuver. SWOOP

*The opposite of a moop.
Dude you got a front-row parking spot at the crowded-as-fuck mall? What a swoop.
Did you swoop on Erica last night? I know I was swoopin' a lot of girls at that party.
First place in Mario-Kart, bitches!! SWOOOOOOP
by SwoopitySwoop September 16, 2013
A slang term that can be used to describe displeasure or excitement depending on the use. Most commonly followed by the word ass i.e.
" Brittany's swoop ass stole my phone" or "OOOooh that was some swoop ass shit!"
by Theswooprealist August 21, 2013
Being cut off in the middle of telling an entertaining fact to someone else when they say, "Oh yeah! I read that on Cracked too!"
"Did you know the original line in the Terminator was going to be-" "Oh yeah! 'I'll come back!' I saw that on Cracked!" "Goddamnit, don't swoop me!"
by pianohacker August 12, 2013

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