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A con artist; someone who always trys to get over on someone else, a deceptive person.
"but john said that he had to go see his sister"
"that Liar"
"John is such a swizzler"
by Razorgmc October 03, 2007
The act of takeing any store bought twizzler and shoving it into your peehole then force feeding to a victem of choice.
Dude.. i'm going to give canyon a swizzler.
by Metal al December 21, 2010
One who is sweet swizzling. This person is so cool that they are not just called cool by others, they have a title; a Swizzler. Swizzlers are an elite few. They are the people who inspire others to want to be cool. They are so cool that they CAN imagine a left handed one legged monkey balancing on a ball while explaining the meaning of life to a hockey puck in the 5th dimension, blindfolded. In fact, they have met this monkey and spat on him. Thats right, they spat.
"Did you hear about Benjamin. He put a cherry bomb in the principal's toilet, while the principal was still on it!" "Wow, he is a true Swizzler."
by The Rota dweller May 25, 2009
She was all up on this swizzler.
by Nullops August 16, 2003
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