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When couples are in a social setting and feel it is improper to make out, hand sex occurs. Hand sex is being very sexual with another person using only the hands and fingers. Usually includes stroking and caressing of each other’s hands. Although seemingly discreet, it can still generate much uncomfortable-ness when done in a social setting. Incidentally, hand sex almost never happens in private.
Brian, stop having hand sex with your girl! It's just weird, man.
by Assessment January 04, 2004
1) The eve/night of December 31st, in which many people celebrate by counting down the hours untill January 1st.
2) A good excuse for bubblyandkisses.
3)A time to contemplate the age of Dick Clark
New Year's Eve was nothing but a hang-over waiting to happen!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
1) Full name Richard Wagstaff Clark, Dick Clark had his first major TV appearance as the host of "American Bandstand" in 1957. Nicknamed "The World's Oldest Teenager" for his ability to always be knowledgable about America's popular music. 2004 was the 30th anniversery of his anual hosting of "New Year's Rockin' Eve"
2) A man who seems to have figured out how to live forever.
This song has been around forever! It's so Dick Clark!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
1)term used to describe a desirable booty, or backside.
2)short for "your booty"
It's not ja beauty, it's jabooty!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
1) Snoop Dog lingo for "sweet."

2) brand name of decorative plastic cocktail stirring sticks.
1) What a swizzle movie that was.

2) This Swizzle Stick(TM) is off the hizzle fo shizzle!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
Pottery Barn
Shit foo, didju get yo Arden Velvet Pillow cover from PB yet? Hows about dem Bellmont Stripe design curtains fo yo crib? Or how 'bout da Bennington Armoire Deluxe set? You seen dat shit? Izoff da hook!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
When cows get jiggy with it.
No bull, that bo-vine can udder-ly bust a moo!
by Assessment January 02, 2004

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