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A cross between sweet and tight (both meaning cool/awesome). Often exclaimed when one's brain is unable to decide whether the word sweet or tight is more appropriate for any given situation. "Swite" is the result of this brain mishap.
"Dude, jack in the box is open! Swite!"

"Imagine if you could breathe in a fart so nobody else could smell it. That would be swite."

"If I owned a bar, there would be no last call. That would be one swite bar."
by colonialfootsoldier February 27, 2010
extrodinary delicious, astonishing exceptionally grandiose, superp under taking, most ambishious
Geo's singing is swite!
You are looking very swite today.
by JBZ December 06, 2004
A cross between shite and sweat. The most horrible of bumcreek sweaty liquid with the nastiest of niffs
If for instance you've been boozin for a couple of days in a very warm environment without opportunity for a shower. If you wrung your undies out, you'd have swite.

Or if you wipe your ass after a dump and the paper is soggy not from a submarine splash. you got it. its swite
by drew23ski April 30, 2009
When you say sweet as meaning that the thing that you are looking at is very sweet. But it is usually something big or high. That is what makes it swite.
Look at that swite chandelier.
by phillip cohen April 10, 2004
A synonym for the word "sweet"; an exclamation of approval.
She said she'd go out with me? Swite.
by Tim June 13, 2003