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When you type 1 thing and your phone comes up with something else, or so you tell the person you are messaging!
Usually someone who can't spell or is dyslexic or just plain stupid.
Plastic : He tried switing me?
Loopy : He did what?
Plastic : He tried to freeze me?
Loopy : What? Are you pissed or just fucking stupid?
Loopy : Has Wonk got your phone? LMFAO, LOL, PSML.
by Jayce P March 25, 2013
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The act of escaping from a ginger bitch in a ninja-like fashion, and therefore winning at life.
"Quick, the ginger bitch is still following us!" "Let's run up the escalators!" "Dude, that was some excellent switing."
by switing October 26, 2010
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