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A 2 stroke is when you dip your wick(have sex) but you blow the bag ie orgasm way to quickly thats its extremely embarrassing. Worst case scenario being after one stroke in, one stroke out and its all over!! damnn
I was so embarrassed the next morning. When i had sex with my girl, i done a 2 stroke
by drew23ski October 16, 2009
Another definition of swite ( a cross between shite and sweat)

Just an alternate spelling. Shwite being more shitey and swite being majority sweaty
I can smell shwite off them gunks. I was sweatin my ass off and i know i followed thru with one of them last farts. What a horrid mixture
by drew23ski October 16, 2009
A cross between shite and sweat. The most horrible of bumcreek sweaty liquid with the nastiest of niffs
If for instance you've been boozin for a couple of days in a very warm environment without opportunity for a shower. If you wrung your undies out, you'd have swite.

Or if you wipe your ass after a dump and the paper is soggy not from a submarine splash. you got it. its swite
by drew23ski April 30, 2009
Turf Lodge is a low income social housing estate in west belfast. A turf lodge facelift is a girl with her hair pulled back into the tightest of ponytails which leaves her eyebrows where her scalp line used to be.

She may also have 3 kids to different dads, false tan, smokin a regal kingsize, and runnin about in pyjamas until her dole check comes in

Similair to Croydon facelift
Check out the turf lodge facelift on that bitch. Her ponytail is so tight, she looks feline
by drew23ski October 16, 2009
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