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4 definitions by JBZ

extrodinary delicious, astonishing exceptionally grandiose, superp under taking, most ambishious
Geo's singing is swite!
You are looking very swite today.
by JBZ December 06, 2004
12 7
highest level of swite
most awesome
most grandiose
That pizza is the switist pizza i have ever had.
Geo's and JBZ's jokes about Tony are the Switist.
The Switist people use the word swite.
by JBZ December 10, 2004
1 0
One who interrupts conversations, then immediately sees it's self out of said conversation.
Persona A "Hi." Person B "Hello." A Buttstadt "Blah blah, sorry, I'll see myself outta this conversation now..."
by Jbz May 07, 2012
0 0
Geo spelt backwards
my friend's name spelt backwards
A very swite guy
Geo is the switist person I know.
by JBZ December 10, 2004
2 15