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it's involves two hands, a telephone and a lot of mayonnaise.
ben: man, emily gave me the best swiss army knife ive ever had, for my birthday

cory: oh nice is that a euphemism?
by didierdrogbalover July 25, 2010
40 37
A red multi-purpose knife. There are many models, almost all of which contain one blade, a pair of scissors, and a can opener.
I took out my trusty Swiss Army Knife and cut open the package.
by W23 October 07, 2006
107 62
A phrase used to describe something as high quality and useful. It can also be used in exchange with the word best.
Our phone is the Swiss Army Knife of phones.
by Quzu June 24, 2011
19 12
The best tool (or weapon) known to mankind. Mostly due to it's being easily concealed.
"Just stabbed dat ho with ma swiss army knife!"
by Delta98 June 22, 2012
8 5
a knife with many useless tools on it that the bastards at airport security keep stealing.
dude why are you taking my swiss army knife?
by John Michaelz September 15, 2005
88 104