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A Soy Boy is what a rich, teenage boy is called. They flirt with girls and many girls have crushes on them, but Soy Boys usually have girlfriends but they keep they're flirting casual.

How do you spot a Soy Boy? Do you have that one boy in your class that stands out? Does he wear clothes that have come from Abercromie and Fitch? Does he usually hang out with other popular girls and occasionally girls who aren't so popular? Does he flirt with them even though he has a girlfriend? Well sorry girls, he's a Soy Boy.
Lindsay: "Hey, David's kinda cute! I think he was flirting with me earlier."
Monica: "Lindsay, David is a huge Soy Boy! Even if he talks to you, don't fall for him. He's already dating someone anyway."
by phoebe glitz June 28, 2015
a vibrator or other dildo. So-called because it's a meat substitute.,
Gf sez: "Let me have 20 minutes with the soy boy, then I'll be ready for you."
by jd909 August 05, 2009
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