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Someone who is beyond the concept of moron. Is so mentally challenged that they cannot even be called a "spanner". They are instead called by so many tools that it needs to be encompaased by several tools at once.
"Dude, you are such a multi-tool."
"A what?"
"You just proved my point."
by Friedrich February 22, 2003
s. A kind of tool that have multiple functions or implements. Usualy, a multitool is a set of foldable pliers with some blades, screwdrivers, and many other things. But a multitool can be yet a pocket swiss army knife also.

A multitool is generaly the weapon used by geeks in their work or needs.
Swiss Army Knife, Multi Pliers, Multitool
by AGOTS(anothergeekonthestreets) September 28, 2008
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