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(v.) To have open, promiscuity with a select group of partners, who "swing" eachother's wives and girlfriends back and forth to other people.
If you don't swing, don't ring!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
Swing, the act of 'Hooking up' with a member of the opposite sex.
Kissing, Blowing, or Fucking, but to not engage in a relationship. Swing
#swinging #bootycall #play #sex #kissing.
by HiMyNamesTyler September 03, 2010
The second turn of hits when smoking a blunt or a joint. Whoever sparks the blunt passes it to the person with 'swings.'
Muff: Yo Spark that L up nigga.
Dro: Aight, i got you homey.
Muff: Cool but don't forget i got swings on the L.
Rick: Nah man, i called swings.
#green hit #blunt #joint #weed #rotation
by Gook Man Jr. January 03, 2006
To behave in a fun, self-confident, and charismatic manner typically associated with just the right balance of Cuban bravado. This can be perceived in a dance like quality to the walk similar to an upbeat Salsa.
Ese Pitbull tiene tremendo swing. spanglish
#bravado #confident #style #salsa #walk
by samwong April 07, 2015
to mood swing quickly or easily.
(adj.) swingin
Person 1: 'Look at Janet, she seems really fired up'.
Perons 2: 'I know. And just a minute ago, she was smiling and happy'.
Person: 'Yeah, she seems to swing really easily'.
#swing #swingin #swinging #swinger #swings
by jmb. April 24, 2010
Swinging a certain way is a commonly understood euphemism to describe someone's sexual orientation.
1) Heterosexual: "So, uh, which way do ya swing?"
Closet Homosexual: "I'd rather not say..."

2) heterosexual: "So which way you swing, bro?"

Bisexual: Both ways. I'm frickin Tarzan.
#sexual orientation #sexual preference #homosexual #heterosexual #bisexual #asexual
by Your Teenage Philosopher July 31, 2014
The state of being: the best at, master of, ultimate or supreme of, anything imaginable ever. this state induces the overwhelming power of authority on whatever it is being used for.
wow guy! you are the swing at making pizza!
Jeremy is a Swing.
#awesome #chuck norris #godly #perfect #flawless
by Hobbes! April 29, 2010
To take a drag, sip, or taste of someone else's item (cigarette, blunt, cocktail, etc.).
"Yo son, lemme swing that brandy real quick"
#drag #sip #swig #touch #try
by Richie Cunning May 21, 2006
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