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1. Shortened version of the saying: Sweet as Minges
2. An alias used by the rugby union legend Lawrence Dallaglio
1. Put a nob of butter in those beans and they'll taste swinges yeah?
This sherbet is absolutely swinges, lets have a go on your sugary dick
2. Did you see Swinges Dallaglio on This Morning with Phillip Schofield. He cooked a banging lasagna.
by Lovs2Fuk May 14, 2011
1. tr.v. to punch (someone).

2. tr.v. to beat (someone) up.

3. tr.v. to give a beating to; to thrash.

4. intr.v. & tr.v. variant of swinze, "to hum a tune". Probably not the same word as those above.
1. He swinged me in the knob.

2. The bullies were swinging kids in the playground.

3. Their ship was swinged against the waves.

4. She was swinzing the "Shrek" theme song.
by kadatz June 06, 2010
Short for sweaty minge
Paula's been in the gym for ages, she must have a right swinge.
by Swingemaster June 05, 2009

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