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also it means nubje (for all those swedish folk out there
er what gibbo said !!!111!!1!!oneoneone
by weeabix April 25, 2005
used by pimps and homeboys as an exclamation of excitement, shock or joy
- "Shizzle ma nizzle, that is some good weed!"
by weeabix February 22, 2005
simply 'wanadoo broadband' but how guy the fly says it
i wana do wanadoo bwoadband
by weeabix April 26, 2005
used to bring echo to a violin , these small metal items are often used as nail files jonny cohen aims to be as tall as one, unfortunately his wish will never come true.
take that shin pad out your arse jonny !

davith has a nob for a nose , gosh you must hav been eating too many shin pads!
by weeabix March 01, 2005
guy nakamura dur-face noob
small insect-like animal obsessed with harry potter (sexually) and nearly as small as jhonny (but not quite)
by weeabix April 25, 2005
GUY the fly U RETARDS!!!!
'oy shiznit u little fly get here and eat ur big mac'
by weeabix April 25, 2005
another funneh way of sayin f**k, obviously less rude but you also sound like the guy off the itv advert with the monkey or mon-keh! oh ye - JONNY VEGAS NOOBS.
fook. I just shot a nail into my head.
by weeabix April 25, 2005
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